Anaseini Qio


I am capable of learning new things by being naturally motivated to learn. I am capable of working with people in a harmonious manner despite the different background we come in and the different personality and gender we belong to. I instantly understand, respect and appreciate ones culture and beliefs. I am capable of working extra hours apart from the standard time I am allocated to work.

Social Work
c/ Vasenai Qio, Fiji School of Nursing, Tamavua.
8 Lawedua Lane, Ruve Street, Samabula
+679 9065287
Employment status
Currently Employed, but looking for better opportunities
Qualification & Experience

Secondary School

# Grade Status Year
1 13

Tertiary Education

# Qualification Year Institute
1 BA Program University of The South Pacific

Work Experience

# Type Of Experience Company Years Of Experience
1 Adminstration Department Coral Lagoon Resort 1
2 Service Associate Shangri-La Fijian Resort 1

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