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The formula for building successful digital presence has changed. In today's landscape, multiple digital contact points with customers are needed to maximize potential exposure. Info Fiji offers an affordable advertising channel to reach your customers.

Info Fiji makes establishing and growing your business easier. Solutions broad enough to build and widely communicate your brand, smart enough to reach local customers looking for products or services like yours.

We want to help you and your business evolve to meet the demands of the growing Fijian economy. So, we are still offering the best advertising solutions for businesses in Fiji, you can talk to us about your business advertising, marketing  and branding.

Already have a website? Your website may not have the number of visitors you would like, advertise with Info Fiji and  get the exposure your business deserves.

Being available via a website on computers and a responsive website on smart devices , Info Fiji will be putting your advertisement in front of a comprehensive audience. Smartphone penetration in Fiji is estimated to be over 80% of the population and growing. Internet penetration is estimated to be over 90% of the population and growing. The smartphone market in Fiji is dominated by the Android and iOS, whereby all internet users are able to access the website via a web browser also.

Majority of the internet and smartphone users are between the ages of 18 to 60 years, which basically forms the groups which is responsible for 90% of business transactional decisions. Info Fiji will deliver your ads right into their hands.

We Make Reaching Customers Simple!

Info Fiji will continue to lead the way in local business advertising solutions. We will guide you in every step of the way in advertising, marketing, branding and on going support whenever you need it.

We will bring you more clicks, more calls and more customers.

Info Fiji estimates to achieve over 100,000 views per week within the first three months of launch with a growth to over 150,000 views per week within the first year of launch version 2.

Imagine your advertisements being seen by such a massive audience!

Info Fiji is building one of the largest advertising and marketing platforms in Fiji.

Our reach is in every neighbourhood in Fiji including rural areas and islands and our local knowledge means we can give your business the attention and expertise it deserves.

We believe that your business is unique, and so should digital marketing . We will help you find the right digital advertising plans for you.

We make digital advertising and marketing accessible and affordable to businesses like yours so that you can compete and grow.

We are investing time and money in innovation, searching for new technologies to help keep you one step ahead in the digital curve.

Fijis No.1 Directory Service


26 reasons why Info Fiji Directory is the number One Directory service in Fiji:


  1. Connects all Fijians – The only Directory service of Fiji that connects all Fijians locally and abroad.

  2. The Directory service of Fiji – With Info Fiji Directory, Fiji is at your Fingertips. Contacts Information of Fijians, Fijian Businesses, Fijian Professionals are in your hands.

  3. The Advertising Platform of Fiji – The largest advertising platform of Fiji, easily accessible, most contacts of Fijian Residents, Fijian Professionals and Fijian Businesses. Has nine advertising pages: Advertising, Products & Services, Promotions, Specials, New Product Launch, Tenders, Vacancy, Staff Announcement and Business Events.

  4. The Smart Directory of Fiji – On Smart devices in Smart hand for Smart people.

  5. User Friendly – easy to use and most user friendly directory of Fiji.

  6. Accessible – You become accessible. Easy, quick and simple.

  7. Cost Effective – Free download, free listing, and cheapest advertising platform. Update advertisements frequently.

  8. Become Visible – Makes you and your business visible.

  9. Unique Contents – Fijis only directory that has contents which cannot be found anywhere.

  10. Free App download – All users can download apps from Play Store and App Store for free.

  11. Free Registration and listing -  All users can register and list their contacts information in Info Fiji Residential, Professional, Business directory for free.

  12. Has the Reach – Over 1,000,000 Fijian Residents & Non Residents, Fijian Professionals and Fijian Businesses can be reached

  13. The Only Multifaceted Directory of Fiji -  Residential, Professional, Business, Government and Emergency directories

  14. The only Self-Managed Directory of Fiji – All users are able to manage( add/edit/delete)  their contact details in the Directory

  15. The only Multi Digital Platform Directory of Fiji – available on  and accessible from Website, Android and iOS

  16. The only All Digital device Directory of Fiji  – Accessible in Smart phones ( Android & iOS), Tablets, iPads, Laptops and Desktops

  17. The only multi contacts  directory of Fiji  – phone (upto 10 numbers), location address, location photo, direction, email (upto 10 emails), Fax ( upto 10 numbers)  skype, vibe, facebook, LinkedIn, website, postal address, etc

  18. Connects -  Connects Businesses to customers and vis versa, Businesses to Businesses, Professional to Employers and Vis Versa

  19. Free Listing of Contacts for Businesses – Businesses can list their contact information in Info Fiji Business Directory for Free.

  20. The only Professionals Directory of Fiji – Job finds Professionals. All categories of Professionals can be listed.

    1. Gold Collar - such as company secretary, chartered accountants, surgeons, engineers and lawyers

    2. White Collar- such as Teachers, Doctors, Accountants, Office workers,

    3. Gray Collar – Skilled technicians, such as information technology workers

    4. Blue Collar- Trade worker such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters, mechanics

    5. Red Collar – Government workers

    6. Pink Collar – Customer Service, Sales, Marketing

    7. Green Collar –Environment and Renewable energy workers

    8. Yellow Collar – Creatives such as  Photographers, Filmmakers, Directors, Editors

    9. Open Collar –is a worker who works from home, especially via the internet.

    10. Black Collar – unskilled workers such as Labourers, gardeners, house-helps, cleaners

    11. No Collar – Volunteers

  21. Skills Advertisement – The only Directory where you can advertise and market your skills as a Professional.

  22. The only Directory in Fiji for all businesses - Contacts information for most businesses categories  in Fiji including micro finance businesses and small businesses.

  23. Exposure - The directory that offer you the right exposure.

  24. Offline Emergency contacts – Emergency services contacts are available offline.

  25. Favorite contacts available offline – All your favorite contacts can be saved and accessed Offline.

  26. Made – In Fiji, By Fijian, For Fijians


We’re looking forward to taking this journey with you.