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INFO FIJI is a product that is fully owned and managed by UNIFIED SOLUTIONS.


Unified Solutions, is a private registered company in Fiji and is 100% locally owned. Unified Solutions was established with a focus to create e-platforms using latest technology which enhances accessibility of all Fijians to everyday essentials and at the same time help Fijians connect  with each other.

Info Fiji's Vision is to see that all Fijians are connected.

Info Fiji's  Mission is to provide a Digital/Electronic Platform where all contacts are available for all Fijians to be connected.

Core Values
Core values of Info Fiji:

  1. We are doers, Our yardstick for progress is what gets done.
  2. We pride in taking challenges of doing what is yet to be done. We find the opportunity to create the difference.
  3. We come up with a point of view, listen to the opinions of others, engage in open discussion, and commit ourselves entirely when the decision is made.
  4. We hold  ourselves accountable for delivering on commitments with the highest level of quality. We share in success, own up to failure, and commit to improve next time.
  5. We serve our customers, strive every day to make their lives a little better than they were yesterday.

Info Fiji is Fiji’s first complete directory platform which aims to connect all Fijians in Fiji and abroad. It is estimated that Info Fiji will have over 1,000,000 registered users which includes Businesses, Micro-Finance Businesses, Non-Profit Organisations, Government, Professionals, Non-Resident Fijians and Residents. It is also expected that there will be over 1 million users who are non-Fijians like our tourists, Friend of Fijians living abroad, recruiters locally and abroad, and International Business Community to name a few.

Info Fiji is developed in Fiji, by Fijians and for Fijians, and we are proud of this product.

Why not register today and start using Info Fiji and enjoy the benefits of being connected.

You can access Info Fiji  website  with any device, your smart phones (android or iOS), iPad's, tablet's.