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What We Do


"We Develop our understanding of  our customer's needs, to ensure great outcomes." 


"We provide Quality Products and Services through the Strength of Our People"


Unified Solutions is a fast growing marketing and digital ICT Solutions Provider.


Unified Solutions ensures service excellence through collaborative delivery methodology that joins the forces of our expertise, our partners and our customers.




Nearly all aspects of our lives involve the use of technology. It is how we work and play and do anything in between. This connectivity or use of technology is built into the very fabric of our society. It is vital to human progress. Unified Solutions believes there is a better way to meet this accelerating demand for technology — one driven by passion and innovation. As industry experts, we collaborate with our partners and our customers to envision and deliver future-ready technological solutions. We leverage our portfolio of hardware, software, applications, solutions, and services, to ensure our customers’ businesses run without disruption, perform optimally, and scale with business needs.

Unified Solutions is consistently at the forefront of new technology. Our solutions have been invaluable to our sales efforts by continuously satisfying our customers. 

With an excellent talent pool and clear outlook for the company. In spite of stiff competition, Unified Solutions  will  become the market leader in technology in the  Oceania and South Pacific region. 

Unified Solutions provides one-stop Technology solutions to address regional technology gaps in Oceania. We are developing, bringing technology products, services, and solutions that will meet the needs of Oceania and South Pacific Community today and in the future. We provide the optimum technological solutions made for all this region. 

Focused and agile regional reseller of ICT hardware, software, cloud and IoT solution, application Developer. 

Known as the Regional ICT industry's most trusted reseller, Unified Solutions' mission is to inspire, educate and enable Businesses in the Region to achieve their full potential through the delivery of unparalleled technology, value-added services and logistics. Over the past 2 years, Unified Solutions has been helping businesses of all shapes and sizes implement solutions for their Businesses and to successfully transition their business’ through technological change. 

Unified Solutions began its business operation in January 2018.

Unified Solutions is focusing in the following areas: 

1. Digital Directory Services. Rated in Fiji as the No.1 Directory service. Info Fiji, available in Website, android and iOS apps.

2. High quality and cost-effective software website & application development and implementation.

3. ICT Hardware and Software Sales

4. Solutions as a Services Provider

5. Training for Technology such as Microsoft and Cisco 

We are advancing on a tremendous pace and with the involvement of skilled and experienced people working in the organization. Our sales teams are experienced product specialists who are dedicated to helping you tailor solutions to suit your needs.

We are identifying new technological products and partners to bring the best of technology to Oceania and South Pacific Regions.

Unified Solutions is becoming a leading technology supplier in Oceania and South Pacific  Region.

We pride ourselves on developing strong long-term relationships with our customers, and helping them grow. This customer-first approach means we are proactive in engaging with our resellers and allows us to dynamically shift with changing market conditions, in turn helping to increase profitability.

With years of enviable history and extensive experience, we pride ourselves on establishing solid partnerships with numerous international giants in the ITC industry, from HP, HPE, Lenovo and Toshiba to Dell, etc.

Although Unified Solution was founded as a Fijian-based business, today we have become synonymous with an international experience, innovative technology and exceptional services. One of our main goals today is to expand services through sales and distribution across the Oceania Region and South Pacific  Region Operating in a wide network, we are always at our customers' disposal for all their needs.

We are a value-added reseller specialing in delivering innovative and efficient technology solutions for all industries and across 24 Oceania  & South Pacific region territories and  countries and based in Fiji.

We are focused on continuously growing our capability and customer service offering in order to provide our business partners with a significant point of difference. 

1. Products 

ICT Products, consumables, periphirals | Office Equipment 

2. Services 

Digital marketing |Digital Directory | Graphic Designing | Videography | SEO | Application Designing and Development | Website  Desiging & Development | IT Management |e commerce Consulting

3. Softwares 

We are Authorised resellers of several softwares such as :

Antivirus | Networking |Security |Virtualization| Graphic Designing |Backup | Printer Management |Microsoft Licensing  Designing Backup Printer Management Microsoft Licensing 

4. Solutions 

We are providing several software solutions  such as :

Document Management | Queue Management | Complaint Management |HRM Solution Desigining |Digital Solutions | Cloud Solutions

5. Trainings 

In partnership with our Training partners we provide training in several technologies such as :

Microsoft |Cisco