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Info Fiji Directory is an online directory portal and the largest directory service in Fiji with an aim of connecting Fijians via a multi-faceted platform. It has 8 directory categories and has whole of Fiji covered.

Info Fiji Directory is a new way for people( Fijian Residents & Non-Residents), professionals, Government, Non Profit and businesses ( Micro, Small, Medium and Large Enterprises) in Fiji to connect and get things done. We are a local platform that provides  contacts information on everything, while creating the best experience for Fiji residents & Non-Residents, professionals, consumers, Government, Non Profit Organsitions and  Businesses to stay connected.

Our look is fresh and new. The satisfaction of finding exactly what you need. That’s Info Fiji.

You can trust  Info fiji to help you find and connect to  any resident, professional, government and Non Profit,  business or emergency services, within moments from any where in Fiji and globally.

Info Fiji  is a product that brings residents, Non residents, professionals, businesses, government, Non Government, Non Profit Organisations and emergency service providers together. It is readily available to all Fijians in their hands through smart phones through our website. It is the most comprehensive source of information when looking for Fijian residents & Non Residents, Fijian professionals, government& Non Profit Organisations, businesses and emergency service providers. All Fijian residents & Non Residents, Fijian professionals, government& Non Profit Organisations, businesses and emergency service providers are eligible for a free contact listing in the respective directories. A free listing contains a  name, location addresses, landline phone number(s), mobile phone number(s), fax number(s), email addresses, postal addresses, website addresses, skype addresses, facebook addresses, branches, departments, staffs' contacts, location maps, and location photos .

Info Fiji allows you to instantly find Fijian residents & Non Residents, Fijian professionals, government& Non Profit Organisations, businesses and emergency service providers  from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by simply by using a smart phone when you are on the go  or any computer device when you are at home or in your office.

Get your business noticed by advertising with Info Fiji. With so many advertising plan options, there’s something for any size of business. Whether you have a micro finance, SME or large business, Info Fiji has advertising options to suit your business’ needs. If you are looking to increase your profile and presence in Fiji, we have the  products and solutions to ensure you’re covered. With all the information in one location and the increase of smartphone and internet users, your business products and services can be conveniently  reached, viewed and searched by a large number of potential customers.  This is the   reason to  advertise your products and services with Info Fiji.

There are also paid pages for businesses, Government and Non Profit Organisations to advertise their products and services. There are several paid pages where you can advertise your Products & Services, Promotions, Specials, New products, Tenders, Events, Staff Annoucement, Vacancy, etc.

Info Fiji is more then a regular directory, it offers registered business clients a platform to display more then just their contacts and addresses. It gives them a platform to display other important business news such as their products and services, special deals, events, tenders, staffing announcements and vacancies in their business pages to all Info Fiji users. It aims to register all the corporates, large companies,  SME’s and microfinance businesses Non Profit.

Info Fiji directory is also a directory for professionals to register. It offers the entire Fijian Professionals to register with Info Fiji to market their skills, either you are employed or not. Info Fiji is aiming to register all professionals in Fiji.

Info Fiji also offers a platform for Fijian residents and Non Residents to register and be found by anyone who wishes to contact them, but also ensuring their privacy remains.

Info Fiji is the only directory service in Fiji so far to offer services via a website, Android app and an iOS app which are majorly used online platforms in Fiji. It is a directory available for people on the go, anytime, anywhere.

It is also a directory where majority of Government contacts are available.

It is the only directory in Fiji where registered users can manage, edit/update their own information themselves and it is instantly updated. Info Fiji believes that it is your information and you should be allowed to manage it yourself, saving the hassle of calling or contacting anyone.

Info Fiji has whole of Fiji covered, looking for contacts of anyone? Look no further, use Info Fiji.

Info Fiji will be  Fiji’s largest marketing platform!


Info Fiji has provided a platform to connect over 600,000 Fiji residents,over 300,000 Non Fijian Residents, over 200,000 Fijian professionals, over 150,000 micro , small, medium and large  businesses in Fiji.

Info Fiji believes that this platform will connect all Fijians locally and abroad.