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From The CEO


Combining the Power of Communication platform with Advertising Marketing Platforms.


Networking - Key to Personal, Professional, Business, Financial and Economic success.
Info Fiji brings that vision to Fijians locally and Abroad.

A most power advertising platform Fijians with potentional to reach all Fijians locally and abroad.

A combination of all contacts directory and advertising and marketing platform.

A complete and most powerful networking site in the world.

The Largest Directory service for Fiji which has 8 Contact Directories, namely Fiji Residents, Fijians Abroad, Fiji Professionals, Micro Finance Business, Business, Non-Profit, Government and Emergency

A advertising Platform where Business, Government and Non - Profit can advertise their products, services, promotions, specials, deals, tenders, staff announcement, vacancies, busines notices, business catelogue, events, conferences, attractions, activities, etc.

Where individual Fijians can advertise in classifieds, ceremonies, functions, places, etc

Where Fijian Professionals can advertise their skills, qualifications, experiences, rates, fees, etc.

Lets connect and progress as Fijians locally and globally and as a Country we call Fiji.

Sanjay Kumar
Chief Executive Office
Unified Solutions