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The Micro Finance Business landscape in Fiji has changed tremendously in  the last 3 years. The rise of digital products has changed the way both businesses and consumers search, Info Fiji Micro Finance Business Directory brings you more efficient and effective ways of finding business contacts.

Info Fiji is committed to enabling Micro Finance Businesses. As such, Info Fiji's stable of products aims to provide clients with the right tools and solutions for their search and advertising needs.

Info Fiji Micro Finance Business Directory is the only platform in Fiji which provides an opportunity for any Micro Finance business in Fiji to be listed and provide contact information. It doesn’t matter if how small your business is, you all can be registered and listed in this directory.

All contact information provided are optional and it is entirely managed by you. The more information you provide about your Micro Finance business the more your Micro Finance business is marketed. You can provide any contact details, such as landline phone number, mobile phone number, fax number, facebook address, location address, postal address, skype, whatsapp, viber, etc. And you can also point out on the google map your location and direction. Your Micro Finance business operating hours . You can also provide details about your products & services, advertise specials , about new products. You can also have your business rated and reviewed by your customers. Info Fiji Micro Finance Business Directory is truly a place where you can market your Micro Finance business in a big way and have the widest reach.

Info Fiji Micro Finance Business Directory is not only a platform to connect to other businesses, but combined with Residential, Professional, Non Profit, Business and Government Directory, it provides a platform for your Micro Finance business to reach out to potential customers. This is really connecting your Micro Finance business products and services with customers.

Info Fiji is the only Micro Finance Business Directory platform which is creating a platform to list all Micro Finance businesses in Fiji. And these include over 20,000 small businesses and over 100,000 microfinance businesses. Isn’t this a true and complete Micro Finance business directory platform of Fiji?

Are you a microfinance owner like a handicraft seller, market vendor, fruit seller, poultry seller, etc/ Register your business with Info Fiji Micro Finance Business Directory to be contactable and to grow your Micro Finance business?

If someone loses their phone or contacts of their favourite businesses, no need to worry, you have Info Fiji Micro Finance Business Directory to go to. In fact with Info Fiji Micro Finance Business Directory, you do not have to manage your contacts, it’s all readily available on the website . All you need to do is visit our website and you have the contacts in your hands. It cannot be any easier than this.

So yes, Info Fiji Micro Finance Business Directory is connecting B2B, B2C and C2B, it cannot get any better than this. Info Fiji is really helping you achieve your Micro Finance business objectives!