How to Register

It is easy to register and open your account as a registered user with Info Fiji. There are 4 registration forms. One registration form for each category of directory you want to register in: Residential, Professional, Business and Government.

Steps to register:

  1. Click “REGISTER” button on the top right hand corner.
  2. Choose the DIRECTORY you want to register with, ie Residential, Professional, Business and Government.
  3. Fill the forms and complete all mandatory(*) information. Please note that all the information provided for registration is only for verification purpose and will not be published.
  4. Click the "√" check Box, I agree to the terms and conditions.
  5. Click on “continue to signup”.
  6. You will get a message: ” you have successfully completed your registration form”
  7. Please go to your email account and verify your Email-ID.
  8. Info Fiji Admin will verify all the information submitted, if all required registration information are correct, your registration will be approved and you will get a email that your registration has been approved. Registration will be approved within 24 hours if all information is correctly provided.
  9. If there are any information incorrect or your registration information submitted is incomplete, you will get an email from Info Fiji Admin requesting to resubmit your information.
  10. Once your account has been approved, Click “LOGIN” button on the top right hand corner.
  11. Enter your user name (your email address) and password.
  12. This will take you to your account. You can now enter all your information. Please note it is optional on what information you want to provide.


Note the following will be required for registration and verification purpose 

  1. For all registrations:
    1. Email address as username. This email address can not be changed as this is the unique identifier. A separate email is required for registration for each directory category.
    2. A copy of valid ID such as drivers license, Voter registration card, FRCS/FNPF joint card, passport biodata page and University ID Card. This ID is used to verify your name, age, etc.
    3. A strong password. (Alphanumeric (a mix of letters & numbers) and a special character (such as: #, $, @, etc) with minimum of 8 digits along with atleast one uppercase (capital letter) alphabet). For example : Tf8vat1c$ or Password1@
    4. Any image or file that is loaded will have to be less then 4MB. It has to be in a valid file format, i.e; png, bitmap, JPEG, Gif, or PDF, etc.
  2. For Government and Business user registration, Info Fiji requires the information of the person who is registering on behalf of the Business or Government. These are:
    1. Full name
    2. Father's name
    3. Email address
    4. Phone contact
    5. Designation
    6. Location address
  3. For Government and Business registration, Info Fiji requires the following:
    1. Name of Business or Government Ministry or department
    2. Phone contact
    3. Location address
    4. Email address ( this will become the user name ) for login
  4. For Government and Business registration, Info Fiji requires a copy of authorization letter signed by the person authorized to give authorization and stamped with common seal of the company or Government.
  5. For Business registration, Info Fiji requires :
    1. Company TIN card/letter, for microfinance business owners, provide personal T.I.N.
    2. Company registration certificate , optional for microfinance business
    3. Letter of authorization from the Company with Compnay Common seal.

If you need assistance with registration, please contact Info Fiji:

: 9386920,



  • Your Name

    First name and last name

  • Fathers Name

    First name and last name

  • Email Address

    This is Primary email which will be used as user name

  • Password

    Alphanumeric and a special character with minimum of 8 digits along with atleast one uppercase alphabet

  • Phone Contact

    Phone contacts.

  • Sub category

    You will need to choose one subcategory to register in

  • Valid ID

    Upload one valid ID is required, this can be Voter Card, Drivers licence, FRCA/FNPF card, Passport Biodata page

  • Category

    You will have to choose one cattegory to register in

Additional Requirement


For Business registration, it is mandatory that a copy of TIN letter or Card is required to be uploaded.


For Business registration, a copy of Company registration certificate is mandatory to be uploaded. For microfinance business this is optional


For Company and Government registration, a copy of authorisation letter signed and stamped with common seal is required.


For Company and Government Registration provide name, email address, contact number and address


For Company and Government registration, the company or government office email adddress becomes the user name


For company or government office registration, the name , email address, contact of the person registering on behalf of the company is required


For each directory account, a different email address is required, which becomes your username


If your account have been approved , you will receive a confirmation email.

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