ALL individuals, residents, citizens, professionals, businesses in Fiji need services of government and this connection can be done with Info Fiji Government Directory.

All contact information provided is optional and it can be entirely managed by government ministries. You can find any contact details, such as landline phone number, mobile phone number, location address, postal address, etc. And you can also find the location photo and direction on the google map.

Info Fiji Government Directory is not only a platform to connect to government departments, but combined with Residential, Professional and Business Directory,it provides a complete platform for you. Now this is really connecting Fijians.

If someone loses their phone or contacts of their favourite contacts, no need to worry, you have Info Fiji Directory to go to. In fact with Info Fiji Directory, you do not have to manage your contacts, it’s all readily available. All you need to do is download the Info Fiji mobile app or visit our website and you have the contacts in your hands. It cannot be any easier than this.

So yes, Info Fiji Directory is connecting all Fijians, it cannot get any better than this. Info Fiji is really helping you achieve your objectives!


  • Government Department Logo

    Insert Government Department Logo

  • Government Office Address

    Full Government Office Address

  • Postal Address

    Use postal address to send letter

  • Phone Contact

    Multiple phone contacts

  • Fax Number

    Multiple fax number, send your fax using these numbers

  • Location Photo

    Insert building photo. Easy to find the house with picture

  • Name

    Full Name, search by Name

  • Google map Location

    Use google map point out your location. Use google map to find the location and direction

  • Email Address

    Multiple email addresses. Use email address to send email

  • Website Address

    visit the website

  • Skype Contact

    Call using Skype

Additional Features


Info Fiji users can search nearby Government offices using nearby search option.


Information for government offices and departments are oganised by City/Town, rural districts, islands, villages, suburbs , making it easier to find offices


You can still have the government ministries, departments and entities favorite contacts in offline mode.


You can find direction to the location of government offices, the distance, and how long it will take to get there using the google map direction


You can save the favourite government contacts


Businesses can advertise their products and services in advertising space

Fiji Made

Made in Fiji, By Fijians, For Fijians

User Friendly

Designed for easy use, with lot of guide

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