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Another great product of Info Fiji and another way to connect all Fijians globally with Info Fiji "Fijians Abroad Directory" .

Info Fiji Fijians Abroad Directory is the only platform which provides opportunity for any Fijian residing overseas , ie Non Resident Fijian) (over 18 years) to list all their contact information. It doesn’t matter if you are staying in a Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, PNG, Solomon Is or anywhere in the world, if you are a Fijian you all can be registered and listed in this directory.

Info Fiji Fijians Abroad Directory is for all the Non Resident Fijians (NRFs) or Fijians residing overseas. And they could be:
* Fijians with permanent residency overseas
* Fijians migrated overseas
* Fijians on temporary residency overseas
* Fijian descendant in overseas
* Fijians working on work permit overseas
* Fijian soldiers on peacekeeping duties overseas

All contact information provided is optional and it is entirely managed by you. As long as you want to be contactable, you can provide any contact details, such as landline, mobile phone, residential address, postal address, skype, whatsapp, viber, etc. And you can also point out on the google map your location, with picture of your dwelling. Now this is what we call being contactable!

If someone losses contacts of their families and friends any where, no need to worry, you have Info Fiji Fijians Abroad Directory to go to. In fact with Info Fiji Fijians Abroad Directory, you do not have to manage your contacts, it’s all readily available. All you need to do is download the Info Fiji mobile app or visit our website and you have the contacts. It cannot be any easier than this.

Stay connected with Fijians globally.