Benefits Of Registration

Want to be found? Be accessible and contactable? Either you have a business, you are a professional or an individual (Fiji resident) and wish to be contactable by your families and friends or by potential clients, Info Fiji is the platform that will help you achieve this.

As an individual:

How many times has it happened that you were not able to contact a loved one because you could not locate their phone number or address? Also, how many times have you missed out on important family news because a relative was not able to contact you due to not knowing your phone number or address? Think no further, Info Fiji provides a platform for you to stay connected with everyone in Fiji.

As a business:

Do you wish that your business could reach out to a larger number of potential clients? Info Fiji gives you a platform which will make your business visible to a massive audience base, thus giving you the opportunity to successfully convert these audiences into clients.

As a professional:

Every day, number of potential clients’ are looking for professionals or tradesmen to get their jobs done. Info Fiji gives you a platform to market yourself and make you accessible to a number of potential clients.

Manage your own account:

Unlike traditional directory services, once registered on Info Fiji, you have complete control of your information. You manage your own account and can change or update your information anytime, without having to wait for approvals.

Register with Info Fiji today and be connected.


  • Be Found

    If you are registered, people looking for you, your business or your service will be able to find you easily.

  • Contactable

    You can enter multiple contacts.

  • Accessible

    You will be accessible through multiple platforms, ie website, phones ( android/iOS).

  • Free Registration

    Registration in any directory category is absolutely free.

  • Manage Own Account

    You will be managing your own account.

  • Choose Account

    You can choose which account you want to register in, Residential, Professional or Business.

  • Multiple Account

    You will be allowed to register in multiple accounts, residential, professional or Business.

  • Secured Account

    Your account is secured.

Additional Benefits


Businesses can advertise their products and services in advertising space.


As a professional you can market yourself by providing your qualification, skills and experience.


Businesses can send push notifcation about their products and services.


Business can advertsie tenders.


Businesses can advertise events.


Businesses can make new staff announcements.


Businesses can advertise vacancies.


Businesses can have the URL of their favourite page linked.

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